Name: Jürgen Harengel
Address: An der Alster 12, 20099 Hamburg
Email: jh@sino-advice.de
Phone: +49 (0) 40 - 32 58 78 80


… I enjoy building up new markets and further developing sales and have an international network of contacts.

In recent years I have been confronted very often with the resulting requirements, the organization and the associated processes through the acquisition of companies, but also through the sale of companies in which I was active. I conducted the relevant negotiations and was responsible for the integration.

My previous professional positions represent a combination of international corporate structures and owner-managed medium-sized companies.

Consulting focus


+ Finding the right partner
+ Support in the sales process
+ Assistance with the integration and the achievement of the objectives

Strategic sales

+ Elaboration of sales measures
+ Expansion of platforms for new customer acquisition
+ Development of sales promotions
+ Cooperations and partner management


+ Leadership role
+ Interface function within the organization
+ Employee training
+ Expert opinion on future security
+ Cost control

Blue Ocean

+ Evaluation of business models
+ Lateral thinking when adapting to environmental influences
+ Orientation of the company in a well represented competitive market
+ Maintaining competitiveness through diversification

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